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The Trail Centre

Rock Rabbit V2

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Do you need a light weight pack for that 3 hour run? Trail run, road run or hike – this is a very versatile pack.

This pack is ideal for trail runs up to 3 hours as it has a 1 litre water capacity and another 3 litres capacity for everything else. The pack is made with breathable eyelet mesh and a stretchy fabric for the pockets. It is cool to wear and hugs your body and moves with you.
This pack has 4 front pockets for maximum storage and ease of use.

  • 2 Stretchy pockets to hold 2 x 500 ml water flasks.
  • 2 Large front pocket each side for your essential “on the go” items like food bars, larger cell phone or that rain jacket that isn’t needed anymore. The stretchy fabric and elasticated top keeps everything in place but allows easy access while on the run.
  • There is an elastic loop in one of the big pockets to secure a car key.

The back has 1 pocket. This large pocket can hold a rain jacket, first aid kit, extra food or another water flask.

Weight of pack (depends on size) : approx 130 gsm