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On Cloud

CloudVista Waterproof - Mens

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The ON Cloudvista Waterproof is ON´s running shoe for moderate and technical trail running. The Cloudvista is designed with a powerful midsole with twice as many clouds as in ON's regular running shoes. The midsole is very flexible and provides great cushioning. 

The outsole is designed with Missiongrip to provide you with an excellent grip regardless of the terrain and the weather conditions - wet, dry or solid, you´ll be well equipped to resist all conditions. 

The upper is engineered in a stretchy fabric produced from 70% recycled materials.

The shoes are designed with a double layer of ON's characteristic clouds beneath your foot, which along with an extra amount of the ON midsole, Helion, and ON's Speedboard-technology form the bottom of the shoes. The clouds, the Helion and the Speedboard are all fine-tuned to provide all the comfort you need for long runs.